Choosing a Maternity Hospital- 5 Considerations

picking a maternity hospital

Pregnancy is a thrilling time for every family member involved as it is a special time to prepare to welcome a new life into the family. As the time comes closer to the day he or she will be introduced to the world, it is important for the mother and father to know how the day will go when their baby arrives. There are a number of things to consider when choosing a maternity hospital for labor and delivery.

Private or Public Maternity Hospital

Study the benefits of choosing private maternity care. These generally include the following:

  • Dedicated care with the obstetrician of your choice.
  • Extended length of stay in hospital after giving birth for breast feeding and early pregnancy support.
  • Private room.

When Choosing a Maternity Hospital Consider Proximity to Your Home

choosing a maternity hospitalRegardless of what you see on television, rarely is the labor and delivery so fast that you almost don’t make it to the hospital. Usually the opposite is true when going to the hospital, as the mother-to-be will usually need to wait as her body progresses with labor. Babies cannot be hurried- they will come in their own good time.

In usual circumstances there will be plenty of time to get to the hospital, so it may not be paramount that you select a maternity hospital close by.

Hospital Rules With Regards to the Father’s Role

Sometimes hospitals have rules with regards to what the father can and can’t do during labor and birth. Certain people may be excluded from certain areas for reasons of insurance and the like.

There may be differing regulations with regards to natural birth as apposed to C-Section birth. Ask questions to to understand all possible contingencies in delivery.

Does Your Insurance Cover Both the Hospital and the Doctor?

You have likely already established with your health insurance company that your doctor is covered by your plan, but what about the hospital. Shockingly, with health insurance today, a health insurance company can grant approval to a doctor without approving their hospital. This could mean an additional cost to you.

We recommend you speak with your private health insurance fund at least twelve months before giving birth to ensure you are covered for what you need.

Understand the Maternity Hospital Procedures

Whenever you are visiting a hospital to inquire about delivering your baby there, you should ask for referrals, or enquire about courses the hospital runs where you can learn their approach and procedures.

Go on a maternity tour and see for yourself what a maternity ward incorporates and meet the hospital staff and midwives.

Go online and read profiles and reviews about obstetricians and hospitals. Try Find a Doctor Near Me Reviews.

Seek word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and speak to them about their hospital experience.


The experience of giving birth is a very special time for the whole family. Not fully understanding what to expect of the doctor and the hospital may lead to an upset. Investing time to do your research of the maternity hospitals well before your delivery date will ensure a stress free happy time.