Fifteen Weeks Pregnant

I’m fifteen weeks pregnant! I don’t tend to think of myself as being very far along in the pregnancy because at this stage you don’t have the big recognizable pregnant belly and you can’t feel the baby moving around all the time. But I actually realized that by the end of this week, that’s fifteen out of just forty already done!

Fifteen Weeks Pregnant- Getting Out in the Garden

This week we have had beautiful mild weather, and we took advantage of it by spending a lot of time working out in our garden.

Our house has a large (and previously very overgrown) vegetable patch that we want to have cleared and planted for the spring.

We picked weeds, pruned back bigger plants, and pulled out enormous root systems for stinging nettles and brambles. We turned over the soil to get it ready for new plants.

Moderate Exercise During Pregnancy

Fifteen Weeks PregnantRegular exercise is recommended during pregnancy, and garden work is a great way to get that. However, you should always be sure not to overexert yourself.

Strenuous exercise can actually cut off blood flow to the placenta, so if you begin to feel out of breathe or overly tired, stop for a rest.

Luckily, we had our inquisitive toddler out working with us (she loves being outside and has her own little set of gardening tools).

We had frequent stops to admire the things that she found to show us, including worms, stones, and even a bone that had been in the soil. We also found an old bird’s nest, and she enjoyed learning about that.

I believe that being outside in the fresh air and getting some sun is good for you. However, make sure to stay well hydrated, especially if you’re working outside.

Also, although I normally like feeling the earth and plants on my hands, I wore gloves all week when working outside. Pregnant women should wear gloves and then thoroughly wash their hands afterwards when working with soil because of the risk of toxoplasmosis in the soil.

This is usually harmless to adults (in fact you probably won’t even notice that you’ve been exposed to it), but it can be really dangerous for your little baby.

Although it’s still not usually obvious, I felt like I began to show this week. I can still wear my non-maternity clothes, although I did begin wearing some of my maternity clothes (mostly just to expand my wardrobe). If you’re not already, most women begin showing around this time.

Baby Development

As far as your baby goes, they are in a period of rapid growth. Most babies are just over 3 inches long by now and weigh about 80 grams. They are already preparing for life outside of the womb, and can move around, swallow, suck, and practice breathing. The bones in the baby’s ears are developing, which means they are beginning to hear for the first time.

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