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About Us- Check Out the Naturally Getting Pregnant .com Team

Who Are We?

Hi. I’m Trevor, and the guy who heads up naturallygettingpregnant.com. My wife (Cathy) and I live in Western Australia. We are X-school teachers with an entrepreneurial spirit and seven crazy kids… and one little energetic grandchild!

We have been fortunate with fertility, by being blessed with having seven healthy happy kids of our own. As with many couples we too experienced some challenges along the way with conceiving children, which we will share in ‘My Fertility Blog’.

Would you believe our whole family were raised whilst living on a tiny remote tropical island?

About Naturallygettingpregnant.com

Getting pregnant can be a complex process and needs many factors to line up just right for natural conception to occur – it’s not just about having sex!

Some fortunate women fall pregnant quickly, while for others, it may take time to conceive.

naturallygettingpregnant.comWith every 100 couples trying to conceive, eighty to ninety percent of women will get pregnant within a year. The rest will find it takes longer, or they may need to seek help to conceive.

Naturally Getting Pregnant, provides information to couples wanting to get pregnant using natural methods. We have well researched articles on male infertility, women infertility, fertility diet plans, pregnancy health problems and much more.

In addition, ‘My Fertility Blog’ contains posts by people sharing their journeys with getting pregnant naturally. The contributors share their experiences, both ups and downs, with conceiving a baby and carrying a pregnancy. Such journal entries include: depression during and after pregnancy, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy hormonal mood swings, and much more.

We research and write articles to help our viewers with understanding fertility, conception and pregnancy; and offer solutions with fertility products, an infertility program and guidance.

Where We Benefit

Some of our articles are accompanied by fertility products or an infertility program we feel would be of benefit to our viewers. We are affiliated with the companies and with the people providing the products and programs. If you purchase through our site we receive a commission from these companies.

Our Team

Our Team consists of Cathy, myself, and guest writers and bloggers who help us with researching and writing our articles.

Our Goal with Naturallygettingpregnant.com

Naturally Getting PregnantOver time we will grow the naturally getting pregnant content on this website, aiming to be the go-to place for people seeking unbiased information to help them with their fertility journey.

We hope you find our site useful. Thank you for visiting Naturallygettingpregnant.com. We welcome comments or questions from viewers.

Best Wishes

Cath and Trev


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