Pregnancy Health Issues

Women aspire to have a natural pregnancy with no health complications. This will be the case for most women, however, sometimes issues that arise may require medical attention. It is common for women go through physical discomforts in pregnancy with such issues as constipation, increased need to urinate, indigestion, backache, leg cramps, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, and nosebleeds. These pregnancy health issues are usually mild.


Pregnancy Health Issues

Other causes of problems during pregnancy can include:

pregnancy health issues• Being pregnant with more than one baby
• A health problem in a previous pregnancy
Drug use during pregnancy
• Being over age 35
• Having a prior health condition

It’s always a good idea to talk about these kinds of problems with your doctor, health advisor or midwife.

We have collated a selection of articles addressing the common problems women have when pregnant; and have provided information to help women with natural pregnancy.

Tips for Women With Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy

 psychiatric disorders during pregnancySuffering from any type of psychiatric problem such as depression, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), even bipolar disorder, can be challenging to handle during pregnancy. This is because all women, when pregnant, endure a range of hormonal emotions. In this article we look at ten tips of what expectant mothers can do if they have Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy.

If you already have a psychiatric disorder condition, or even the “mild depression blues”, your hormonal changes may become more severe than the average woman who is pregnant but not afflicted with mental illness.

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Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnancy- a Parent’s Point of View

Teenager Pregnancy Conversations with TeensPre-teens quickly grow into teenagers. Parents have the responsibility to guide their adolescent teens as they begin to explore their sexuality. In this article I discuss teenager pregnancy and how parents can approach this topic with their kids, and I question the publicizing of Jamie Lynn Spears Teen Pregnancy and the real risk of pregnancy for other young teenager fans who aspire to be like her.

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Bleeding During Pregnancy

bleeding whilst pregnantThere isn’t a certain amount of “normal” bleeding during pregnancy. Bleeding during pregnancy is cause for concern, however, it is a fairly common symptom during the first trimester. According to the American Pregnancy Association, 20 to 30% of women experience some type of bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy and 10% of women report bleeding throughout their pregnancy.

Bleeding by itself is not a major risk indicator for miscarriage. It is the quantity and type of bleeding that needs to be monitored to determine if there is risk to the fetus. Also when during the pregnancy does the bleeding occur.

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Clumsiness During Pregnancy

clumsiness whilst pregnantIf you are in the later stage of pregnancy, you will have noticed that you run into things easily, drop almost everything you pick up, and can’t seem to control what that huge belly of yours in bumping into- or whom it is bumping into. This clumsiness during pregnancy is quite normal and has easily-understood causes.

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Belly Bandit Original Post-Partum Belly Wrap Review

Belly Bandit Original Postpartum Tummy WrapAfter the pregnancy and the arrival of a gorgeous baby, a woman’s greatest woe is regaining her abdominal tone. By utilizing the Belly Bandit Original Post-Pregnancy Stomach Wrap, women can regain a flat belly and at the same time reduce stretch marks.

A tummy wrap goes a long way in getting the post-pregnancy belly back in shape. The Belly Bandit is a marvelous belly support for new mothers.

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10 Tips: History of Mental Illness and Pregnancy

psychiatric history and pregnancyThankfully we live in an age that, if a woman has a psychiatric history, it’s okay. And if that woman is pregnant, and has a psychiatric history that’s still okay. In this article we give 10 ‘History of Mental Illness and Pregnancy’ tips to guide pregnant women with taking appropriate steps to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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Probiotics and Fertility Part 2

fertility foodsMore on these beneficial bacteria in our gut and vagina…

An Unbalanced Vaginal Microbiome.

Research has identified a link between the microbiome and infertility in women, and how probiotics and prebiotics can help with pregnancy. Abnormal vaginal microbiota has been shown to negatively impact birth rate. This has been shown in the following studies:

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Men Asking Labor and Delivery Questions of the OB-GYN

Asking Labor and Delivery QuestionsThere are a many different places where people can get bogged down, or worried, during the pregnancy process with unexpected events. A woman going through pregnancy needs the full support of her partner in the process.

A man asking labor and delivery questions of the OB-GYN, not only keeps him in aware of what is to be expected, but his interest in the pregnancy, labor and delivery process gives comforting support for his partner.

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3 Postpartum Issues No One Warns You About!

Postpartum IssuesYou’re expecting, congratulations!  Three postpartum issues that some women experience and are not told about.

While it’s common to accept morning sickness, bouts of hormones that make you cry or laugh randomly, food craving pickles with whipped cream, enduring the pains of labor, and those sleepless newborn nights; however, I bet no one warned you about these three postpartum issues!

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Choosing a Maternity Hospital- 5 Considerations

choosing a maternity hospitalPregnancy is a wonderful time for every member of the family as it is a time to prepare to welcome a new life to the family. As the time approaches when the little infant will be introduced to the world, it is important for Mom and Dad to know how the day will go when their baby arrives.

There are several things to consider when choosing a maternity hospital for labor and delivery.

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How to Relieve Stress During Pregnancy

how to cope with stress during pregnancyLet’s look at strategies to manage stress during pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be an wonderfully happy time. There is something very special knowing that your baby is growing within you and that you’ll be bringing this new family member out into the world. However, pregnancy can also bring pressures upon you.

The rest of your life doesn’t stop when you’re expecting. Therefore, you could still be dealing with stress from work, family, concerns about your baby or you may have worries about your pregnancy.

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