Clumsiness During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, I mean really pregnant, you have probably noticed that you run into things easily, drop almost everything you pick up, and can’t seem to control what that huge belly of yours in running into- or whom it is running into. This clumsiness during pregnancy is very normal, and it has some pretty easily-understood causes.


3 Reasons For Clumsiness During Pregnancy


First of all, the reason that pregnant women seem to be dropping everything isn’t because they are just plain clumsy. It actually isn’t their fault at all. It has a lot to do with her giant sausage fingers and flimsy joints. Women who are pregnant retain water.

This causes the fingers to become much larger than normal. Have you noticed that your ring-finger rings don’t fit at all, and that your thumb rings seem to fit better on your ring finger? These large fingers are not what the woman is used to, and thus it can be much harder to grip what used to be very graspable.


Loosening Joints

clumsiness during pregnancyAnother reason for dropping everything is the loosening of joints. All of the joints in a woman get looser as her due date comes nearer, not just the pelvic bones. This means that a well-coordinated (pre pregnancy) woman may find herself dropping things for no reason, unable to grip those coffee mugs and other breakable objects.



Balancing also seems to be more difficult for the pregnant woman. This seems to have an obvious cause: the fact that your body is growing in the midsection at record paces! This can obviously throw anyone off kilter, but there are also deeper reasons for the lack of balance.

The same hormonal issues which are making your fingers swell up like sausages and your joints loosening, like a poorly put together Frankenstein, can affect the balancing act that has to be performed.


 Clumsiness During Pregnancy- What You Can Do

There are a few things that a pregnant woman can do to help herself out in this hormonally-induced mess of clumsiness.

First of all, slow down. Take your time in doing whatever you are doing which needs balance to be successful. Walking carefully (especially in the winter time) can help you avoid huge unwanted problems (like a broken limb) which could cause labor to be even harder than it would normally be.

Also, because you can’t see under your large bulge, make sure that the floor is well cleaned. If there are things lying around, it is possible to take a spill due to not being able to see them there.

Most of all, get your loved ones to help. Even of you drop your keys a hundred times, they will be willing to help you pick them up. There are few worse things than bending over and standing back up in your state.