Tips for Women with Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy

psychiatric disorders during pregnancy

Suffering from any type of psychiatric problem such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), panic attacks, even bipolar disorder, can be more difficult to handle during pregnancy. This is because all women, when they are pregnant, endure a range of hormonal emotions. In this article we look at what expectant mothers can do if they have Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy.

If you already suffer from a psychiatric disorder or even the “mild depression blues”, your hormonal changes could become more severe than the average pregnant woman who is not afflicted with mental illness.

You may experience intense depression that leads to suicidal feelings, waves of extreme anxiety and panic attacks; you may even feel that you do not even want to carry the baby in the middle of the pregnancy because of the extreme stress. These emotions are normal while pregnant.

Women can get through this emotional rollercoaster by taking care of themselves and the baby developing inside their womb.

Take note of these vital steps, to get you through a safe delivery, and bring a healthy baby into this world with as much ease as possible.

Taking Medication for Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy

Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy The issue of taking any type of psychiatric drug during pregnancy is controversial one. You will have to make a personal decision regarding this matter.

In my first pregnancy, before I knew about alternative medicine, I was extremely depressed and had suicidal thoughts.

I was advised by my midwife and doctor to continue taking the prescribed anti-depressant Prozac that I was on at the time. My Doctor told me that there was no evidence that the medication would cause any birth defects or harm to the infant.

I took the medication prescribed to try and help with my depression that I experienced during my entire pregnancy.

My Doctor advised me not to breast feed. The medication goes directly into the breast milk and is not recommended for the baby to ingest into its small, growing body.

The baby came out just fine. I will admit that the medication did ease my depression slightly.

Years later, having more knowledge regarding conventional psychiatric drugs and the effect on the liver, and organs and knowing that it won’t truly cure the psychiatric ailment; I opted for natural approaches to easing my depression, suicidal thoughts, and panic attacks.


My Tips to Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy

Tip #1- Research the side effects to any psychiatric drug

Research the drugs you take into your body and the possible side effects it can have on your unborn fetus. Consider the risks and benefits of anti-depressant medication.

Tip #2- Take herbs that are safe to take during pregnancy

Take herbs to soothe your nervous system, regulate your hormones, and herbs to promote rest if you suffer from insomnia. All will help to minimize with your psychiatric ailment, so that you can cope and not cause (unintentional) harm to the life growing inside your womb.

Herbal Suggestions

I took these herbs whilst I was pregnant, with four of my children. I now have five healthy, beautiful children.

Relax Chi-

A natural herbal anti-depressant that boosts the brain chemical levels of serotonin. It treats mild to moderate cases of depression with no side effects. Relax Chi acts as a mild sedative, relaxes muscles and helps calm you down during extreme stressful situations. Relax Chi is safe to take during pregnancy.

Sleep Aid Chi-

Sleep Aid Chi is like a stronger version of the Relax Chi. Your muscles will relax even more so. It is a mild natural sedative that soothes the central nervous system. If you suffer from insomnia you will achieve pure relaxation, calmness, and relief of anxiety to the entire body. Sleep Aid Chi is safe to take during pregnancy.

Blood Chi-

A blood tonic that will help decrease stress. It soothes the nervous system, helps ease depression symptoms and insomnia. Blood Chi is multi-functional, it will increase blood supply from the growing baby tapping into your blood supply. It is a natural herbal iron supplement (increases iron for the baby), and the herb is a natural headache reliever. Blood Chi is safe to take during pregnancy.

Chinese Yam-

Chinese Yam will help balance out hormonal issues and is effective in establishing a peace of mind. Chinese Yam is safe to take during pregnancy.

Tip#3- Check out the book “Pregnancy Blues” by Shaila Kulkarni Misri, M.D.

Pregnancy Blues is a guide to questions about “What every woman needs to know about depression during Pregnancy.”

Tip #4- Talk to people about how you are feeling

reduce stress during pregnancyIf you cannot control suicidal thoughts, or you are having suicidal ideations, contact your therapist, your doctor delivering the baby, your partner, and family and friends, and talk to them about your feelings.

If you feel like hurting the baby, you must tell someone no matter how it may sound, so that you can get help and the baby is unharmed.

Do Not Carry This Pain Alone.

Tip #5- Keep scheduled appointments with a psychiatrist or therapist.

If you are opting to take medication, you must continue to see your psychiatrist so that he or she can adjust the dosage amount that you are taking while pregnant.

Your therapist is your sounding board to let off all your steam, pain and aggravations. You will need his or her support.

Tip#6- In an emergency consider Psychiatric Hospitalization

If the symptoms are too unbearable and you feel you may cause yourself, the baby, or someone else harm this is an option for you.

Being hospitalized isn’t the worst solution. I voluntarily checked myself in a good mental facility during three of my pregnancies. You will get proper care, rest, healthy round the clock meals and someone making sure you do no harm to yourself or the baby.

If other psychiatric patients are rowdy, ask to be placed in a quiet unit, and try to get private room.

The most important thing is keeping you and the life inside you healthy and alive.

Tip#7- Minimize junk food and fast food.

Eating a proper diet will help with proper brain function as well as help with the growth of your baby. Check out our articles on what to eat when pregnant.

Tip#8- Light exercise

Exercise done in moderation will boost morale. The exercises will help increase serotonin and other brain chemicals to keep stress down. Check out our articles on exercise to do during pregnancy.

Tip#9- Less work hours/get more rest

If you can work half days to relieve stress do so. If you work at home, take it easy. Working too much increases stress and pressure, making symptoms of Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy increase. Resting is key, to psychiatric disorder aid and support.

Tip#10- Treat Yourself

Positive activity specifically for yourself will help decrease depression. Take extravagant bubble baths, get pedicures, go for a walk in nature, go on a date night, and watch a good movie.

Take care of yourself and little life inside your womb.

Check out our other article giving 10 tips for pregnant women with a history of mental illness.


Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy Help

National Institute of Mental Health

National Child and Maternal Health Education Program and Help Line

US Department of Health and Human Services- Women’s Health


Choosing a Maternity Hospital- 5 Considerations

picking a maternity hospital

Pregnancy is a thrilling time for every family member involved as it is a special time to prepare to welcome a new life into the family. As the time comes closer to the day he or she will be introduced to the world, it is important for the mother and father to know how the day will go when their baby arrives. There are a number of things to consider when choosing a maternity hospital for labor and delivery.

Private or Public Maternity Hospital

Study the benefits of choosing private maternity care. These generally include the following:

  • Dedicated care with the obstetrician of your choice.
  • Extended length of stay in hospital after giving birth for breast feeding and early pregnancy support.
  • Private room.

When Choosing a Maternity Hospital Consider Proximity to Your Home

choosing a maternity hospitalRegardless of what you see on television, rarely is the labor and delivery so fast that you almost don’t make it to the hospital. Usually the opposite is true when going to the hospital, as the mother-to-be will usually need to wait as her body progresses with labor. Babies cannot be hurried- they will come in their own good time.

In usual circumstances there will be plenty of time to get to the hospital, so it may not be paramount that you select a maternity hospital close by.

Hospital Rules With Regards to the Father’s Role

Sometimes hospitals have rules with regards to what the father can and can’t do during labor and birth. Certain people may be excluded from certain areas for reasons of insurance and the like.

There may be differing regulations with regards to natural birth as apposed to C-Section birth. Ask questions to to understand all possible contingencies in delivery.

Does Your Insurance Cover Both the Hospital and the Doctor?

You have likely already established with your health insurance company that your doctor is covered by your plan, but what about the hospital. Shockingly, with health insurance today, a health insurance company can grant approval to a doctor without approving their hospital. This could mean an additional cost to you.

We recommend you speak with your private health insurance fund at least twelve months before giving birth to ensure you are covered for what you need.

Understand the Maternity Hospital Procedures

Whenever you are visiting a hospital to inquire about delivering your baby there, you should ask for referrals, or enquire about courses the hospital runs where you can learn their approach and procedures.

Go on a maternity tour and see for yourself what a maternity ward incorporates and meet the hospital staff and midwives.

Go online and read profiles and reviews about obstetricians and hospitals. Try Find a Doctor Near Me Reviews.

Seek word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and speak to them about their hospital experience.


The experience of giving birth is a very special time for the whole family. Not fully understanding what to expect of the doctor and the hospital may lead to an upset. Investing time to do your research of the maternity hospitals well before your delivery date will ensure a stress free happy time.

8 Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

An expectant mother’s instinct is to provide the best for her baby from day one. Eating a balanced diet and exercising are at the top of the list, but the strains of weight gain and fatigue often hinder one’s motivation to hit the gym. One of the best ways to counteract these symptoms is through the practice of yoga during pregnancy.


8 Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes that cause her physical stress and mental well-being challenges. Pregnancy yoga help to reduce these physical and mental stresses.

Pelvic Floor Muscles

Prenatal yoga classes are tailored to meet the needs of a pregnant woman by focusing on strengthening and stretching the core and pelvic floor muscles needed for labor and delivery.

Muscle Tension and Flexibility

By encouraging low impact positions, yoga can alleviate muscle tension and improve flexibility in pregnant women as their ligaments begin to stretch to accommodate their growing baby.

Shoulder and Back Strength

As highlighted on, prenatal yoga’s shoulder and back exercises will encourage better posture during and after pregnancy when muscles can be strained from nursing or hauling a stroller.


In addition to the strengthening benefits of yoga, prenatal classes also encourage participants to focus on their breathing as a way to connect to their body and baby, which is a great way to practice controlled breathing used during labor.

Yoga emphasizes teaching a breathing technique called ujjayi which “requires you to take in air slowly through your nose, filling your lungs, and [exhaling] completely until your stomach compresses”, according to

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome, a common complaint among pregnant women, can be alleviated through pregnancy yoga. Yoga utilizes poses that open the shoulder and that open and support the wrists which help.

Easier Labor

Being fit in general will make labor and delivery easier overall, however, Prenatal yoga classes are designed to assist women to work on specific muscle groups that aid in the birthing process.

Building up core strength during prenatal yoga practice can help women with pushing more efficiently during childbirth.

Learning how to do Kegel exercises, can help strengthen pelvic floor for better muscle control during delivery and a speedier healing after birth. Yoga practices deep breathing and meditation, which are excellent coping techniques.

Using these practices during labor will ease tension caused by the extra adrenaline the body produces during this time, and in turn will speed along the process of childbirth.

Emotional Support

Yoga for pregnant women classes offer the opportunity to bond with other women who understand the ups and downs of pregnancy. This builds confidence with ladies who are pregnant. Practicing prenatal yoga provides a support network that may ease postpartum blues, as well as help women connect with their growing babies.

Childbirth Education

Not every expectant mother has the opportunity to attend formal pregnancy and childbirth education classes. Yoga during pregnancy classes provides an informal platform for women to network and learn from one another. During prenatal yoga sessions women spend time discussing aspects such as what to expect during labor, how to naturally manage labor pain, and what poses might be helpful during labor.


Seek Advice Before Starting Yoga During Pregnancy

As with all exercise programs, it is best to talk with your health care provider prior to starting yoga especially if you are experiencing complications with your pregnancy.

If your health advisor gives the go-ahead, try to find a yoga instructor trained in prenatal yoga. At the very least, make sure your instructor knows you’re expecting.

Yoga During Pregnancy Precautions

Hot yoga and Bikram classes should be avoided during this time due to the risk of overheating.

As pregnancy progresses, ligaments and joints can easily be injured so it is important to avoid positions that are uncomfortable such as headstands and inversions.

Remember to follow the rules of safe pregnancy exercise, such as staying hydrated by drinking lots of water before, during, and after exercising.


With these precautions in mind, prenatal yoga can be an excellent exercise choice to develop full body strength, practice breathing techniques and connect with your baby during pregnancy.






Pregnancy After 40: Importance of Preconception Counseling

pregnancy over 40

For some, pregnancy after 40 is a hard feat to tackle. Now more than ever, women are having children later in life. Fertility treatments and increased technology in prenatal care have helped to make this possible. Women no longer need to feel rushed into motherhood.

They are able to establish their careers, travel, build savings and buy a home (among many other things) before settling down to start their family.

Pregnancy after 40 does come with some increased risks, but preconception counseling can help identify and reduce risks for women at an advanced maternal age.


What are the Chances of Getting Pregnant After 40?

Doctor Stewart, chair of the British Fertility Society, says there are many women who conceive in their 40s if their fertility is in the normal range, however, she also says trying for a baby when you’re younger significantly increases your chances.

“If you look at women under 38 who have normal fertility (ovulating regularly, in good health, their partners producing normal sperm levels and having regular intercourse), 95% of them will get pregnant within two years, whereas half of women trying to conceive in their 40s won’t conceive at all.”


Risks of Pregnancy After 40

A safe and healthy pregnancy is possible for women over 40. While there are some risks that are greater with increased maternal age, in general, a woman who was healthy before conception can expect a normal pregnancy. Increased risks that occur with pregnancy after 40 are:

  • pregnancy after 40Decreased fertility
  • Increased risk for conditions that interfere with conception, such as endometriosis, fibroids, etc
  • Higher risk of having a baby with chromosomal defects, such as Down syndrome
  • High risk of miscarriage (35% for ages 40-44 and 50% for ages 45+)
  • Pregnancy complications may be more common as women age, such as gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, placental problems, etc
  • Increased incidents of premature birth with advanced maternal age
  • Increased incidents of stillbirth in pregnancy after 40
  • Higher prevalence of preexisting conditions that may complicate pregnancy, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, etc

Importance of Preconception Counseling 

Preconception counseling is extremely important for women over 40 who wish to conceive.

Preconception counseling is a consultation with a physician and/or obstetrician to discuss plans for conception. The doctor can make a risk assessment based on personal medical history, family medical history and other factors. The doctor may also recommend diet or lifestyle changes that may increase the potential for a healthy pregnancy.

The healthier a person is going in to a pregnancy, the more likely they are to have a healthy pregnancy.

While preconception counseling is beneficial for any woman planning to get pregnant at 40, it is important that women over 40 consult a doctor before conception.


Importance of Prenatal Care

In addition to preconception counseling, early prenatal care is essential in pregnancy after 40. Women are most at risk in their first trimester of pregnancy. Early prenatal care gives the doctor a chance to determine and monitor risks. With advanced medical care, pregnancy is now safer than it was in the past.

Benefits of Preconception Counseling

  • Reducing unintended pregnancy
  • Prevent birth defects
  • Prevent LBW and prematurity
  • Promote healthy behaviors and reduce risk-taking behaviors
  • Prepares and reinforces parents for parenting
  • Prevent poor pregnancy outcomes and recurrence
  • Promote family planning


Pre-Conception Health Assessment Checklist for Pregnancy After 40

Reproductive history- has the patient had:

  • Uterine or cervical abnormalities?
  • Two or more pregnancies ending in the first trimester- miscarriage without intervening successful gestation?
  • One or more fetal deaths?
  • Preterm deliveries (one or more)?
  • Small-for-gestational-age infants (one or more)?
  • One or more infants requiring care in neonatal intensive care unit?
  • Infants with birth defect (one or more)?


Pregnancy after 40 is not only manageable, with proper care and education it can be enjoyable.

Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnancy- a Parent’s Point of View

Teenager Pregnancy Conversations with Teens

Kids never stay kids for ever. They will grow into teenagers and parents have the responsibility to guide them as they begin to explore their sexuality and sex. In this post I discuss teen pregnancy and how Moms and Dads can approach this subject with their teens, and I question the publicizing of Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnancy at 16 and the real risk of teen pregnancy for other young teenagers who aspire to be like her.


10 USA Teenager Pregnancy Facts

  • 3 out of 10 teenager girls will get pregnant at least once before age twenty. Equating to nearly 750,000 teenager pregnancies each year.
  • The number one reason that teen girls drop out of school is due to being pregnant. More than 50% of teenager Moms never graduate from high school.
  • Approximately 25% of teen Moms have a second baby within 24 months of their first.
  • Less than 2% of teenager Moms gain a college degree by age 30.
  • USA has one of the highest teenager pregnancy rates in the western world.
  • In 2011, the number of teens having babies fell to the lowest level recorded in almost 70 years.
  • In 2008, the teenager pregnancy rate among African-American and Hispanic girls (ages 15 to 19) was over two and a half times greater than the rate among white teen girls of the same age.
  • 8 out of 10 teen Dads don’t marry the Mom of their child.
  • Sexually active teens who don’t use contraceptives has a 9 out of 10 chance of being pregnant within a year.
  • 50%+ of all Moms on welfare had their first child as a teenager.



Teenagers Having Sex

Jamie Lynn Spears PregnancyOn average, nearly half of teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 have had sex at least once.

Why exactly is this?

Teenagers rebel and will do what they want when they want much of the time. But, As parents, we are our child’s greatest influence. How are we to expect our children to wait until marriage to have sex, when as adults, so many live with their boyfriends or girlfriends and have children out of wedlock?

I know when I was a child, I based my judgment on right and wrong on what my parents considered right and wrong. I knew when I was doing wrong. And though I did not always make the right decisions, I was aware of my actions.


Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnancy

Upon learning about Jamie Lynn Spears becoming pregnant, it is shocking to me how many people are not taken back by this. This ‘child’ is the beautiful, really ‘cool girl’ on television that our Preteen-teen and young teenagers look up to and want to become.

How are we supposed to tell our own children that their virginity is something that should be saved until marriage, when a children’s television channel still airs episodes of Zoey 101 after learning of the teen’s pregnancy?

What we allow our children to watch on television greatly molds their minds into what kind of person they will become. We are becoming desensitized when it comes to the wrongs in the world, that we accept this as the normalcy and look upon good morals as odd. Jamie Spears’s mother, Lynne, even stated that her daughter was in a ‘committed relationship’, so that made it okay?

She was allowing her 16 year old daughter to live with her 19 year old boyfriend. And this is the woman who is writing parenting books? Not only is that wrong, but it is illegal (and for a good reason). What kind of message is this sending to our children?

Of course, her sister, Brittany, was not much help in influencing her. But for Dr. Phil to say that Lynne is a good mother, I no longer trust his advice. Was he paid to say that or is it his judgment that is skewered?


What Can Parents Learn From Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnancy?

We teach our children to have safe sex, but we do not tell them that sex before marriage is wrong. We teach them that once they are ‘in love’ or ‘in a committed relationship’ then it is okay. However, young teenagers may consider every relationship as being ‘in love’.

What these young people do not realize is that there are consequences. Sure, babies are cute. Especially the kind that you can give back to the parents when you are done holding them. But if that young person who has a baby, and she wants to go to college or have a career, it will not be easy. Whatever plans they have will most likely be put on hold.

When you have a child, you are then responsible for that person 24 hours a day. And when they are sick, you have to take care of them. You have to feed them and bathe them and diaper them and clothe them (which is extremely expensive). That child is priority over you.

When your friends are having parties or get-togethers, you will probably find that you’ll miss going to them.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many positives to having your own children. However, if you do not have a husband or partner (who you know will be there always) to share the responsibility and expenses with, your life will be challenged.

And many young people do not have the maturity to take on this responsibility. After all, how mature can they be if they are having unprotected sex at such a young age?


A Parent’s Responsibility

We need to teach our children right from wrong, and though they will make their own decisions, I want them to know when they are off course. We need to take a stand and screen what kind of things our children see on television. But most of all, we need to be influences on them and positive role models, rather than defending their wrongs.


10 Tips for Parents Talking to Teens About Sex and Pregnancy

  • Start early and talk often
  • Keep the language simple and appropriate for age
  • Use correct terms for body functions and parts
  • Utilize teachable moments to open a talk
  • Find out what they already know
  • Speak about more than the facts
  • Provide age-appropriate resources
  • Don’t act like you know it all
  • Provide a safe environment for them to open up and talk
  • Encourage your teen to talk about what they think
  • Be clear on what is socially OK and socially not OK
  • When your teen asks a question, do your best to answer it at the time
  • Be a good listener, rather than doing all the talking

Bleeding During Pregnancy

bleeding whilst pregnant

There is no certain amount of “normal” bleeding during pregnancy. While bleeding during pregnancy is cause for concern, it is a fairly common symptom during early pregnancy. According to the American Pregnancy Association, 20 to 30% of women experience bleeding of some type during the first trimester of pregnancy and 10% of women report bleeding throughout their pregnancy.

Bleeding by itself is not a major risk factor for miscarriage. It is the amount and type of bleeding that needs to be monitored to determine if there is risk to the fetus as well as when during the pregnancy the bleeding occurs.


First Trimester Bleeding During Pregnancy

Many women experience bleeding during the first trimester pregnancy as a result of implantation bleeding. This seems to be the cause of most first trimester bleeding not related to other health risks.

bleeding during pregnancyImplantation bleeding is a normal symptom of early pregnancy. It usually occurs within 6-12 days of the implantation of the embryo.

For this reason many women do not realize they are pregnant right away and often mistake the bleeding as their normal menstruation cycle. Patients described as having implantation bleeding report the symptoms differently and it usually presents itself as a light, spotty flow of blood anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Other common causes for none threatening bleeding during early pregnancy include a pelvic or urinary tract infection or irritation of the cervix during intercourse or after a pelvic exam.

If bleeding whilst pregnant during the first trimester occurs longer than a few days, is heavy, is dark, or accompanied by a vaginal discharge of mucus, a strange odor or cramping, there is more cause for concern of health risks. This can sometimes be caused by other conditions. Some of the most common conditions that accompany these types of symptoms include possible risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.


Bleeding During Second Half of Pregnancy

Bleeding during the second half of pregnancy is of more concern to health care providers. This can be a sign of health risks or conditions which may impact the pregnancy.

Some causes for bleeding during the second half of pregnancy include irritation of the cervix or possible growths on the cervix.

During the last few weeks before labor a woman may experience a small discharge of blood mixed with mucus. This is normal. It is caused from the cervix thinning out which ejects the mucus plug covering the cervix as the body prepares for labor.

If a woman experiences this earlier than a few weeks before delivery she should contact her healthcare provider immediately as it may be a sign of early labor.

Other conditions that include bleeding during the second half of pregnancy include placental abruption, placental previa and preterm labor. These conditions are usually associated with women who have other risk factors as well such as previous episodes, unusual cramping or pain, women over the age of 35 or are carrying multiple fetus.


Bleeding During Pregnancy- When to Call a Health Care Provider

Health care providers recommend that pregnant women contact a health care provider immediately if they experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Moderate to heavy bleeding
  • Bleeding accompanied by pain
  • Chills or fever
  • Pass tissue with the bleeding.

These are indicators that the bleeding can be serious and pose a health risk to the woman and fetus.

Women who experience bleeding during pregnancy should always report it to their health care provider regardless of when it occurs.


What to Expect From a Health Care Provider

The health care provider can determine if there is cause for further investigation of the cause for the bleeding and it should never be taken lightly. In most cases, when the bleeding isn’t serious, the health care provider will recommend rest and to drink plenty of fluids until the bleeding subsides.

If patients are experiencing bleeding whilst pregnant, health care providers will likely recommend that they wear a sanitary pad to monitor the amount of bleeding. They may ask to see the pad to determine the type and amount of bleeding.

Never insert anything into the vaginal area until the cause for bleeding has been diagnosed; this includes tampons or participating in an act of intercourse. Intercourse should be avoided until the seriousness of the bleeding is accessed by a health care professional.

Clumsiness During Pregnancy

clumsiness whilst pregnant

If you are pregnant, I mean really pregnant, you have probably noticed that you run into things easily, drop almost everything you pick up, and can’t seem to control what that huge belly of yours in running into- or whom it is running into. This clumsiness during pregnancy is very normal, and it has some pretty easily-understood causes.


3 Reasons For Clumsiness During Pregnancy


First of all, the reason that pregnant women seem to be dropping everything isn’t because they are just plain clumsy. It actually isn’t their fault at all. It has a lot to do with her giant sausage fingers and flimsy joints. Women who are pregnant retain water.

This causes the fingers to become much larger than normal. Have you noticed that your ring-finger rings don’t fit at all, and that your thumb rings seem to fit better on your ring finger? These large fingers are not what the woman is used to, and thus it can be much harder to grip what used to be very graspable.


Loosening Joints

clumsiness during pregnancyAnother reason for dropping everything is the loosening of joints. All of the joints in a woman get looser as her due date comes nearer, not just the pelvic bones. This means that a well-coordinated (pre pregnancy) woman may find herself dropping things for no reason, unable to grip those coffee mugs and other breakable objects.



Balancing also seems to be more difficult for the pregnant woman. This seems to have an obvious cause: the fact that your body is growing in the midsection at record paces! This can obviously throw anyone off kilter, but there are also deeper reasons for the lack of balance.

The same hormonal issues which are making your fingers swell up like sausages and your joints loosening, like a poorly put together Frankenstein, can affect the balancing act that has to be performed.


 Clumsiness During Pregnancy- What You Can Do

There are a few things that a pregnant woman can do to help herself out in this hormonally-induced mess of clumsiness.

First of all, slow down. Take your time in doing whatever you are doing which needs balance to be successful. Walking carefully (especially in the winter time) can help you avoid huge unwanted problems (like a broken limb) which could cause labor to be even harder than it would normally be.

Also, because you can’t see under your large bulge, make sure that the floor is well cleaned. If there are things lying around, it is possible to take a spill due to not being able to see them there.

Most of all, get your loved ones to help. Even of you drop your keys a hundred times, they will be willing to help you pick them up. There are few worse things than bending over and standing back up in your state.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Before jumping into my Fertility Blog post, let’s take a quick look at what to look out for with the early signs of pregnancy:

11 Early Signs of Pregnancy

  1. Missed period– earliest and most reliable sign for women with regular monthly menstrual cycle.
  2. Feeling sick and vomiting– commonly known as Morning Sickness. This can happen any time of the day or night.
  3. Changes in your breasts– breasts may become larger and feel tender, similar to what they might feel just before a period. They may tingle and veins may be more visible with the nipples darkening or standing out.
  4. Tiredness– hormonal changes during the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy can make you feel exhausted, emotional and upset.
  5. Urinating more often– you may feel like urinating more often. This is caused by hormonal changes.
  6. Constipation
  7. Vaginal discharge– increases without soreness or irritation.
  8. Metallic tasteunusual taste in your mouth.
  9. Changes in what you want to eat– such as craving new foods and losing interest in foods and beverages you used to enjoy.
  10. Losing interest in smoking– if you are a smoker.
  11. Enhanced sense of smell– more sensitive than usual, especially with foods and cooking.


Fertility Blog- Early Signs of Pregnancy

 early signs of pregnancyI felt exhausted, and the last thing I wanted to do involved moving furniture from one room into another. But Woods needed to move his stuff into my office that would soon become his bedroom, so I mustered up all of my energy and began shlepping – first the bookcase, then the computer, the chair, the desk.

I stopped, out of breath, before I could actually claim an empty room and collapsed onto the stairs just outside the door. I felt like I had the flu – nauseous, fatigued, the smallest bit of effort left me feeling weak and over-heated.

Laying there on the stairs, frustrated with my sickness, until I managed to crawl to the third floor where I promptly fell asleep.


Tired and Sick

I woke late the next morning, still feeling tired and sick. Then I decided to stay in bed and get some rest before going out with my girlfriends that evening. In and out of sleep, I tossed and turned. I tried reading for some time, but couldn’t manage to concentrate on the words without drifting off into some unfortunate place between dreams and reality where all I recognized was a desire to vomit!

Dan, the man I adored and who said adored me, came in a few times to see if I wanted to accompany him on an adventure, an adventure I would normally have jumped on were I feeling up to par.

Instead I lay there, looking up at him with what I’m sure were desperate and defeated eyes. Sweet man that he was, he crawled in next to me and did some reading of his own so I wouldn’t feel quite so alone in my misery.


Eating Out

Eventually it was time for me to go meet my friends for dinner. I slumped out of bed, put on my best face, and made my way over to pick Kelly up.

Although I still felt very nauseous, I was starving and ate up everything that landed on my plate. I left fairly early and completely sober – both unusual acts for me – but I felt miserable enough that all I wanted to do was heal my body better. Lack of sleep and alcohol were not on the top of my list that night.


Realization that I Had Early Signs of Pregnancy

All day at work on Monday, I wanted to sit down wherever I happened to be and cry. I couldn’t believe how ill I actually felt. Never had I been sick like this in years. I wrote the date on a shipping form, and that’s when it hit me.

I’m over a week late!

Driving home in a stupor through a rush hour that for once failed to make me yell with anger and impatience, I walked in to Dan’s room and told him my suspicions.

“No, let’s not freak out just yet.”
“Yes, let’s give it a few more days.”
“I’m sure everything is fine – we are simply overreacting.”


Pregnancy Test

We decided not to worry until we knew what was truly causing my sickness. Yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that my sickness was actually more than a sickness. While at the store, I snuck a pregnancy test into our groceries.

Okay, okay. So we’re probably overreacting, but I decided I’m going to take a test just to ease my mind. It will make both of us feel better when we definitely know.

He looked at me and slowly nodded his agreement. Disappearing into the bathroom, I could hardly breathe. I already knew what the test would read, but at the same time I was in complete denial. Wait three minutes. Then look. One line for negative. Two for positive.

I didn’t believe it. I tried to talk myself out of it. Sure there were two lines, but one of them was so faint it couldn’t possibly be the decision-maker on such a significant event in my life. The second line was barely there – it couldn’t count. I tried to tell myself that. I tried to tell Dan that. We didn’t believe me.

“Honey, I think we’re pregnant!”

Belly Bandit Original Post-Pregnancy Tummy Wrap Review

Belly Bandit Original Post-Pregnancy Bellyy Wrap Review

After the pregnancy and the arrival of a beautiful newborn, a woman’s greatest woe is regaining her abdominal tone. By utilizing the Belly Bandit Original Post-Pregnancy Tummy Wrap, women are able to regain the pretty shape of a flat belly and at the same time reduce stretch marks.

A tummy wrap goes a long distance in getting the post-pregnancy abdomen back in shape. The Belly Bandit Original post-pregnancy tummy wrap is one such marvelous belly support for a new mother.


Features of the Belly Bandit Wrap

Belly Bandit Original Post-Pregnancy Tummy WrapFor a reasonably low-price, it has some wonderful features like:

  • Five different sizes to reduce the bloated abdomen and to help toning the muscular system
  • Brings back normal tone to the sagging abdomen after the pregnancy and reduces the post-partum stretch marks
  • The abdominal compression wrap also helps reduces the uterus swelling
  • Helps in reducing bloating of the abdomen due to water retention
  • Comfortable and lightweight belly wrap that helps the new mother regain her body tone quickly

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Benefits of the Belly Bandit Original Post-Pregnancy Tummy Wrap

As a new mother, use the Belly Bandit Original post-pregnancy tummy wrap to give extra strong support to your abdomen, back, and the hip region. While giving support to the muscular system, it also subdues the abdominal discomfort and distention. Not only is is beneficial right after child-birth, but many mothers continue to gain benefit from wearing it 6 months after child-birth.

The Belly Bandit Original post-pregnancy tummy wrap can be used after the first day or two after delivery. On consultation with the Obstetrician or medical expert, it can also be used after the C-section which helps in post-C-section recovery time.


How to Use the Belly Bandit Wrap

Belly Bandit - Original Postpartum Belly WrapTo get the best fitting tummy wrap, measure the girth of your abdomen starting at the belly button and get the right size.

The tummy wrap can be best worn by keeping the label side towards your body and by keeping the 5 inch Velcro facing towards the outside. The bands can be secured by having the 2 inch Velcro side over the 5 inch Velcro band.

You can choose between having a side closure or a center closure to give you better comfort.

Use it for about 2 months to help your abdomen get back almost to the shape it was before the pregnancy.

You can keep the Belly Bandit Original post-pregnancy tummy wrap on for whole day if you like. If there is any discomfort, then removing it for a few minutes to hours will help.

This tummy wrap should not cause discomfort to you so choose a snugly-fitting size. It is lightweight and can be worn under the jeans, trousers, or skirt without displaying its bulk.

The creases formed in the belly wrap are normal and helps in the mobility and comfort.

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Taking Care of Belly Bandit Original Post-Pregnancy Tummy Wrap

To avoid shrinkage and damage, do not wash the belly wrap in hot water or in tumble dryer. Do not wring it. It should be hand-washed in cold water and dried to air.

As the drying can take a much longer time, you can have a pair of Belly bandit wraps so you can alternate between them whilst one is being washed.


In Conclusion

Belly Bandit Original Postpartum Tummy WrapBelly Bandit Original post-pregnancy tummy wrap is available at Amazon website for a very affordable price.

This product is recommended for post-pregnancy abdominal support and to get better toning of the abdominal and back muscles after the pregnancy.

Always buy the right size Belly Bandit Original post-pregnancy tummy wrap for better fit and comfort.

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10 Tips: History of Mental Illness and Pregnancy

psychiatric history and pregnancy

Thankfully we live in an age that, if a person has a psychiatric history, it’s okay. And if that person is pregnant, and has a psychiatric history that’s okay too. In this article we give 10 ‘History of Mental Illness and Pregnancy’ tips to guide women with taking appropriate steps to ensure their pregnancy goes smoothly.


10 Tips for Women With a History of Mental Illness and Pregnancy

  1. Be straight-forward and frank with your doctor.

    Doctors ask for a medical history for a reason, and that is to give you and your unborn child the best health care possible.

  2. Listen to your doctor.

    Mental Illness and PregnancyWith the information that you give your doctor about your psychiatric history, they can determine the best possible program for you to follow. Make sure that you follow it. Remember it is for your health and that of your baby.

  3. Do not be ashamed of your psychiatric history.

    For some reason people tend to think differently at a weakness of the mind, and a weakness of the body, but don’t. There a many things that can cause any of us to have a psychiatric history. Some of these might be illness, fever, infection or a severe trauma.

  4. Get Help if your are uncomfortable with your history.

    Pregnancy should be a time of joyful anticipation. If your psychiatric history is causing you concerns, talk to your doctor about getting counseling.

  5. Talk to close friends and family about your concerns.

    Ask for their help and support if necessary. Also, reassure them that everything is going well. Let them share in your joyful anticipation.

  6. Don’t dwell on your psychiatric history.

    Remember to think about what you think about. It will do you no good to dwell on the past, it has already happened. For the present, concentrate about the ‘now.’

  7. Make sure to keep yourself busy.

    My granny used to always say, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” It’s a statement we’ve all heard in our lifetime. Take up a hobby, start walking. If we keep ourselves busy, we don’t have much time to dwell on the past.

  8. Group Therapy.

    If you have concerns about your pregnancy and the baby once it gets here, talk to your health-care provider or local hospital about a group therapy session. Group therapy is not a group of friends discussing things; it is a group of people who doesn’t even know each other on a personal level, except that they have common concerns.

  9. Eat well-balanced meals.

    Don’t just eat a lot of food, but do eat good, well-balanced meals. By keeping your nutrition up, you will be keeping your baby’s nutrition up.

  10. Feel good about yourself.

    Your psychiatric history is just that; your psychiatric history. Keep in mind that you are a unique human being, and worthy of loving yourself. How you feel about yourself determines how you feel about others.


Having a history of mental illness and pregnancy need not spoil your pregnancy experience.  Enjoy your pregnancy and enjoy life. Your baby will benefit from it.

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