Hyperemesis Gravidarum During a Pregnancy

Halfway through my second pregnancy, I had little hope that the vomiting would end. My first pregnancy was worse, vomiting in excess of eight times a day. I was 20 weeks along in my second pregnancy and we had already resolved that this would be the last child for us. I was too sick to care for my two year old full time and I could barely manage a simple daily routine. Since I was sick until the day of delivery with my first daughter, I had given in to the idea of about 20 more weeks of continued illness.

The most popular drugs for this condition made no difference and I had become somewhat apathetic towards trying anything new. I had literally tried it all. Thankfully, my obstetric nurse had something new for me to try, and she was insistent that I do it soon. I had tired the combination of B6 and Unisom with my first pregnancy. I took the combination every night before bed. It was no more effective than Zofran, Tigan, Reglan, Phenagrin, or any of the assorted other prescriptions I had tried.

I contacted my sister first thing and made arrangements for her to watch my two year old for three consecutive days. I bought a bottle of Unisom, the blue tablets, and a bottle of quality 100mg B6 vitamins. I did my own online research to determine the risks of these medications to my unborn child and finally resolved that I should try the plan.

The doctor’s orders stated: A Unisom and a B6 vitamin 3 times a day for three days.

On a Thursday night I took a Unisom and B6 and went to bed. When I woke at 7am, I repeated the dosage. Again at 3pm and 11pm I took a dose. I continued this regimen through Sunday night. When I awoke on Monday morning, I returned to a normal schedule, only taking the Unisom and B6 at bedtime. The only time I vomited during this was on Saturday night, about midnight.

It has only been one week since I completed the prescribed treatment, but it is literally the first week that I have been pregnant that I have not vomited. Never before have a gone longer than 48 hours. It has been a miraculous transformation!

When I asked the nurse who prescribed this how it works, she said that it reprograms your brain. I suppose since doctors don’t really know what causes Hyperemesis, that is an adequate answer. My brain has been reprogrammed and my life has been returned to me! And maybe, I will be willing to have a third baby!