Just a Painful Miscarriage?

The Pain of Losing an Unborn Child · Pint-sized TreasuresI find myself here…again.

I’m having a miscarriage, but it may be worse – yes, there is a worse – it could be another ectopic pregnancy.

My HCG values which should be going down since I am miscarrying have decided instead to stay the same. On Monday the value was 125 and on Wednesday it was 142. So actually it went up slightly but my gynecologist said that she considers the values to be the same since HCG is normally measured in the thousands and the slight difference in the hundreds is outside the measurement’s precision.

Originally, I was scheduled to have my HCG values tested on Thursday but the terrible cramps that woke me up in the middle of the night on Tuesday prompted me to reschedule my appointment for Wednesday.

Wednesday’s visit didn’t provide me with any new answers though, just a prescription for pain medication. Since then I’ve been bleeding and each night I have terrible cramps. The pain medication certainly helps but could this please just come to an end. My frustration is building and my sense of relief that I spoke about in my last blog is dwindling.

My next appointment is set for Tuesday. She’ll be checking my HCG values and probably doing another ultrasound.

I hope my body figures this out on its own. Luckily, I have a gynecologist that also wants to give my system a chance to short this out. Until then I have a winter wonderland to look out the window at and two cats that think it’s cool I’m lying on the couch. Friends have invited us over for an evening of cooking and a movie this weekend. Hopefully, I feel up to it because an evening with friends couldn’t sound any better than right now.