Tips for Women with Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy

psychiatric disorders during pregnancy

Suffering from any type of psychiatric problem such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), panic attacks, even bipolar disorder, can be more difficult to handle during pregnancy. This is because all women, when they are pregnant, endure a range of hormonal emotions. In this article we look at what expectant mothers can do if they have Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy.

If you already suffer from a psychiatric disorder or even the “mild depression blues”, your hormonal changes could become more severe than the average pregnant woman who is not afflicted with mental illness.

You may experience intense depression that leads to suicidal feelings, waves of extreme anxiety and panic attacks; you may even feel that you do not even want to carry the baby in the middle of the pregnancy because of the extreme stress. These emotions are normal while pregnant.

Women can get through this emotional rollercoaster by taking care of themselves and the baby developing inside their womb.

Take note of these vital steps, to get you through a safe delivery, and bring a healthy baby into this world with as much ease as possible.

Taking Medication for Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy

Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy The issue of taking any type of psychiatric drug during pregnancy is controversial one. You will have to make a personal decision regarding this matter.

In my first pregnancy, before I knew about alternative medicine, I was extremely depressed and had suicidal thoughts.

I was advised by my midwife and doctor to continue taking the prescribed anti-depressant Prozac that I was on at the time. My Doctor told me that there was no evidence that the medication would cause any birth defects or harm to the infant.

I took the medication prescribed to try and help with my depression that I experienced during my entire pregnancy.

My Doctor advised me not to breast feed. The medication goes directly into the breast milk and is not recommended for the baby to ingest into its small, growing body.

The baby came out just fine. I will admit that the medication did ease my depression slightly.

Years later, having more knowledge regarding conventional psychiatric drugs and the effect on the liver, and organs and knowing that it won’t truly cure the psychiatric ailment; I opted for natural approaches to easing my depression, suicidal thoughts, and panic attacks.


My Tips to Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy

Tip #1- Research the side effects to any psychiatric drug

Research the drugs you take into your body and the possible side effects it can have on your unborn fetus. Consider the risks and benefits of anti-depressant medication.

Tip #2- Take herbs that are safe to take during pregnancy

Take herbs to soothe your nervous system, regulate your hormones, and herbs to promote rest if you suffer from insomnia. All will help to minimize with your psychiatric ailment, so that you can cope and not cause (unintentional) harm to the life growing inside your womb.

Herbal Suggestions

I took these herbs whilst I was pregnant, with four of my children. I now have five healthy, beautiful children.

Relax Chi-

A natural herbal anti-depressant that boosts the brain chemical levels of serotonin. It treats mild to moderate cases of depression with no side effects. Relax Chi acts as a mild sedative, relaxes muscles and helps calm you down during extreme stressful situations. Relax Chi is safe to take during pregnancy.

Sleep Aid Chi-

Sleep Aid Chi is like a stronger version of the Relax Chi. Your muscles will relax even more so. It is a mild natural sedative that soothes the central nervous system. If you suffer from insomnia you will achieve pure relaxation, calmness, and relief of anxiety to the entire body. Sleep Aid Chi is safe to take during pregnancy.

Blood Chi-

A blood tonic that will help decrease stress. It soothes the nervous system, helps ease depression symptoms and insomnia. Blood Chi is multi-functional, it will increase blood supply from the growing baby tapping into your blood supply. It is a natural herbal iron supplement (increases iron for the baby), and the herb is a natural headache reliever. Blood Chi is safe to take during pregnancy.

Chinese Yam-

Chinese Yam will help balance out hormonal issues and is effective in establishing a peace of mind. Chinese Yam is safe to take during pregnancy.

Tip#3- Check out the book “Pregnancy Blues” by Shaila Kulkarni Misri, M.D.

Pregnancy Blues is a guide to questions about “What every woman needs to know about depression during Pregnancy.”

Tip #4- Talk to people about how you are feeling

reduce stress during pregnancyIf you cannot control suicidal thoughts, or you are having suicidal ideations, contact your therapist, your doctor delivering the baby, your partner, and family and friends, and talk to them about your feelings.

If you feel like hurting the baby, you must tell someone no matter how it may sound, so that you can get help and the baby is unharmed.

Do Not Carry This Pain Alone.

Tip #5- Keep scheduled appointments with a psychiatrist or therapist.

If you are opting to take medication, you must continue to see your psychiatrist so that he or she can adjust the dosage amount that you are taking while pregnant.

Your therapist is your sounding board to let off all your steam, pain and aggravations. You will need his or her support.

Tip#6- In an emergency consider Psychiatric Hospitalization

If the symptoms are too unbearable and you feel you may cause yourself, the baby, or someone else harm this is an option for you.

Being hospitalized isn’t the worst solution. I voluntarily checked myself in a good mental facility during three of my pregnancies. You will get proper care, rest, healthy round the clock meals and someone making sure you do no harm to yourself or the baby.

If other psychiatric patients are rowdy, ask to be placed in a quiet unit, and try to get private room.

The most important thing is keeping you and the life inside you healthy and alive.

Tip#7- Minimize junk food and fast food.

Eating a proper diet will help with proper brain function as well as help with the growth of your baby. Check out our articles on what to eat when pregnant.

Tip#8- Light exercise

Exercise done in moderation will boost morale. The exercises will help increase serotonin and other brain chemicals to keep stress down. Check out our articles on exercise to do during pregnancy.

Tip#9- Less work hours/get more rest

If you can work half days to relieve stress do so. If you work at home, take it easy. Working too much increases stress and pressure, making symptoms of Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy increase. Resting is key, to psychiatric disorder aid and support.

Tip#10- Treat Yourself

Positive activity specifically for yourself will help decrease depression. Take extravagant bubble baths, get pedicures, go for a walk in nature, go on a date night, and watch a good movie.

Take care of yourself and little life inside your womb.

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